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      Lichen taxonomy has travelled down a long road since the publication of “The Lichens of Long Island” (LLI) (Brodo 1968).  Monographs have appeared, classifications have been clarified or refined, synonymies have been discovered, and circumscriptions of genera and species have changed.  As a result, the keys and descriptions in LLI have become difficult to use.  This revision of the names found in that volume are based, with very few exceptions, on the most current edition of the North American Lichen Checklist” prepared by Theodore Esslinger (Esslinger 2002), with special attention given to the changes suggested by Harris (1987).  The names found in LLI are listed alphabetically with the currently accepted names in bold.  Taxa mentioned in the discussions but are not main entries (i.e., part of the L.I. flora) are listed as well, in italics.  Taxonomic problems are also indicated.  Additions or changes to the L.I. flora published over the past 35 years (Delendick 1994, Dirig 1996, Harris et al. 1987, Harris 1987) are included in the summary checklist.  Finally, a complete “Erratum” is presented at the end.  I urge those finding additional errors or problems in the taxonomic part of the book (pages 107-330) to contact me so that the changes can be included in future up-dates.


Name changes

Alectoria glabra Mot. = Bryoria glabra (Mot.) Brodo & D. Hawksw., but L.I. specimen probably mislabelled.

Alectoria nidulifera Norrl. in Nyl. = Bryoria furcellata (Fr.) Brodo & D. Hawksw.

Anaptychia obscurata (Nyl.) Vainio = Heterodermia obscurata (Nyl.) Trevisan

Anaptychia pseudospeciosa Kurok.: L. I. specimens = Heterodermia speciosa (Wulfen) Trevisan

Arthonia impolita (“Ehrh.”) Borrer [(Hoffm.) Borrer] = Arthonia pruinata (Pers.) A. L. Smith (not “Arthonia pruinosa Ach.”)

Arthopyrenia halodytes (Nyl.) Arnold = Collemopsidium halodytes (Nyl.) Grube & B. D. Ryan (Syn.: Pyrenocollema halodytes (Nyl.) R.C. Harris)

Arthopyrenia sublitoralis (Leighton) Arnold = Collemopsidium sublitoralis (Leighton) Grube & B. D. Ryan (Syn.: Pyrenocollema sublitorale (Leighton) R.C. Harris ex Fletcher)

Arthopyrenia pinicola (Hepp) A. Massal. = A. cinereopruinosa (Schaerer) A. Massal.

Bacidia albescens (Hepp) Zwack. = Bacidina phacodes (Körber) Vĕzda

Bacidia atrogrisea (Del. in Hepp) Körb. = B. laurocerasi (Delise ex Duby) Zahlbr.

Bacidia chlorantha (Tuck.) Fink = Ropalospora chlorantha (Tuck.) S. Ekman

Bacidia chlorococca (Graewe in Stizenb.) Lettau = Scoliciosporum chlorococcum (Stenh.) Vĕzda

Bacidia chlorostica (Tuck.) A. Schneider = Micarea chlorosctica (Tuck.) R. C. Harris

Bacidia effusa auct. = Bacidina assulata (Körber) S. Ekman

Bacidia fuscorubella (Hoffm.) Bausch. = B. polychroa (Th. Fr.) Körber

Bacidia intermedia (Hepp in Stizenb.) Arnold: L.I. specimen = Bacidia arceutina (Ach.) Arnold

Bacidia inundata (Fr.) Körb. = Bacidina inundata (Fr.) Vĕzda

Bacidia trisepta (Naegeli in Müll. Arg. = Micarea peliocarpa (Anzi) Coppins & R. Sant.

Bacidia umbrina (Ach.) Bausch = Scoliciosporum umbrinum (Ach.) Arnold

Buellia curtisii (Tuck.) Imshaug = Baculifera curtisii (Tuck.) Marbach

Buellia dialyta (Nyl.) Tuck. = Chrismofulvea  dialyta (Nyl.) Marbach

Buellia polyspora (Willey in Tuck.) Vainio = Amandinea polyspora (Willey) E. Lay & P. May

Buellia punctata (Hoffm.) A. Massal. = Amandinea punctata (Hoffm.) Coppins & Scheid.

Buellia turgescens Tuck. = Buellia badia (Fr.) A. Massal. (Syn. Amandinea turgescens (Nyl.) Marbach) (Bungartz & Nash 2004)

Caloplaca aurantiaca (Lightf.) Th. Fr. = C. flavorubescens (Hudson) J. R. Laundon

Caloplaca discolor (Willey in Tuck.) Fink = Caloplaca xanthstigmoidea (Räs.) Zahlbr.

Caloplaca pyracea (Ach.) Th. Fr.: L.I. specimens, at least in part, = C. holocarpa (Hoffm. ex Ach.) M. Wade

Cetraria ciliaris Ach.: L.I. specimens represent both Tuckermannopsis ciliaris (Ach.) Gyelnik and T. americana (Sprengel) Hale

Cetraria fendleri (Nyl.) Tuck. = Tuckermannopsis fendleri (Nyl.) Hale

Cetraria herrei Imsh. = Platismatia herrei (Imsh.) Culb. & C. Culb.

Cetraria islandica (L.) Ach. subsp. crispa (Ach.) Cromb.: L.I. specimens = C. arenaria Kärnefelt (see also Dirig 1996)

Cetraria juniperina (L.) Ach.: North American specimens = Vulpicida viridis (see below) or V. canadensis (Räsänen) J.-E. Mattsson & M. J. Lai

Cetraria lacunosa Ach. = Platismatia lacunosa (Ach.) Culb & C. Culb.

Cetraria tuckermanii Oakes in Tuck. = Platismatia tuckermanii (Oakes) Culb. & C. Culb.

Cetraria viridis Schwein. in Halsey = Vulpicida viridis (Schwein.) J.-E. Mattsson & M. J. Lai

Cladonia alpestris (L.) Rabenh. = C. stellaris (Opiz) Pouzar & Vĕzda (Syn. Cladina stellaris (Opiz) Brodo)

Cladonia arbuscula (Wallr.) Rabenh. = C. arbuscula (Wallr.) Flotow (Syn. Cladina arbuscula (Wallr.) Hale & Culb.)

Cladonia bacillaris (Ach.) Nyl. = chemical race of C. macilenta Hoffm.

Cladonia brevis Sandst. = C. brevis (Sandst.) Sandst.

Cladonia calycantha Nyl.: L.I. specimens = C. rappii A. Evans var. exilior (Abbayes) Ahti

Cladonia clavulifera Vainio = C. subcariosa Nyl. s. lat. (including C. sobolescens Nyl. Ex Vainio) CHECK AHTI NEOTROPICS

Cladonia caroliniana Tuck: L.I. specimens = C. dimorphoclada Robbins

Cladonia carassensis Vainio: L.I. specimens = thamnolic acid race of C. crispata (Ach.) Flotow

Cladonia capitata (Michaux) Sprengel = C. peziziformis (With.) J. R. Laundon

Cladonia chlorophaea: all L.I. specimens but one = C. grayi G. Merr. ex Sandst.; 1 specimen = C. cryptochlorphaea Asah.

Cladonia nemoxyna (Ach.) Arnold = C. rei Schaerer

Cladonia polycarpia G. Merr. = C. subcariosa Nyl. s. lat.

Cladonia pityrea (Flörke) Fr. = C. ramulosa (With.) J. R. Laundon

Cladonia squamosa (Scop.) Hoffm. = C. squamosa Hoffm.

Cladonia verticillata (Hoffm.) Schaerer = C. cervicornis (Ach.) Flotow subsp. verticillata (Hoffm.) Ahti

Cladonia vulcanica Zoll. = C. didyma (Fée) Vainio var. vulcanica (Zoll. & Moritzi) Vainio

Collema subfurvum (Müll. Arg.) Degel. sensu Degelius = C. subflaccidum Degel.

Dimerella diluta (Pers.) Trev. = D. pineti (Ach.) Vězda (=Coenogonium?? see Lücking & Kalb 2000)

Dimerella lutea (Dicks.) Trev.  (perhaps Coenogonium luteum (Dicks.) Kalb & Lücking; see Lücking & Kalb 2000)

Diploschistes scruposus (Schreber) Norman var. parasiticus (Sommerf.) Zahlbr. = D. muscorum (Scop.) R. Sant.

Haematomma ochrophaeum (Tuck.) A. Massal. = Loxospora ochrophaea (Tuck.) R. C. Harris

Haematomma elatinum (Ach.) A. Massal. = Loxospora elatina (Ach.) A. Massal.

“Cfr. Haematomma sp.” = Loxospora pustulata (Brodo & Culb.) R. C. Harris

Ionaspis odora (Ach. in Schaerer) Th. Fr.: L.I. and Massachusetts specimens = Ionaspis alba Lutzoni

Lecanora allophana (Ach.) Nyl. = L. allophana Nyl.

Lecanora atra (Hudson) Ach. = Tephromela atra (Hudson) Hafellner

Lecanora caesiocinerea Nyl. = Aspicilia caesiocinerea (Nyl. ex Malbr.) Arnold

Lecanora caesiorubella Ach. subsp. lathamii Imsh. & Brodo = L. caesiorubella subsp. prolifera (Fink) R. C. Harris (Syn. L. subpallens Zahlbr.)

Lecanora chlarona (Ach.) Nyl = L. pulicaris (Pers.) Ach.

Lecanora chlarotera Nyl.: most L.I. specimens = L. hybocarpa (Tuck.) Brodo

Lecanora cinerea (L.) Sommerf. = Aspicilia cinerea (L.) Körber

Lecanora conizaea “(Ach.) Nyl.” [auct.] = L. strobilina (Sprengel) Kieffer

Lecanora degelii Schauer & Brodo = L. cinereofusca H. Magn.

Lecanora laevis Poelt: L.I. specimens = L. xylophila Hue (Syn. L. grantii H. Magn.)

Lecanora pinastri (Schaerer) H. Magn. = L. pulicaris (Pers.) Ach., but application of the name in the sense of the key is unclear.

Lecanora rubina (Vill.) Ach.: L.I. material probably = Rhizoplaca subdiscrepans (Nyl.) R. Sant.

Lecanora subfuscata H. Magn. = L. argentata (Ach.) Malme

“Lecanora cfr. varia”: L.I. material requires study.

“Lecanora sp.” = L. imshaugii Brodo

Lecidea aeruginosa Borr. in Hooker & Sowerby = Trapeliopsis flexuosa (Fr.) Coppins & P. James

Lecidea albocaerulescens (Wulf. In Jacq.) Ach. = Porpidia albocaerulescens (Wulfen) Hertel & Knoph

Lecidea anthracophila Nyl. = Hypocenomyce anthracophila (Nyl.) P. James & Gotth. Schneider

Lecidea botryosa (Fr.) Th. Fr.: L.I. specimens probably = Hertelidea pseudobotryosa R.C. Harris, Ladd & Printzen in Printzen and Kantvilas (R.C. Harris, pers. comm.)

Lecidea coarctata ( Sm. & Sowerby) Nyl.: Long Island specimens  = Trapelia involuta (Taylor) Hertel

Lecidea erratica Körber = Micarea erratica (Körber) Hertel, Rambold & Pietschmann

Lecidea erratica var. planetica (Tuck.) Lowe = Lecidea planetica Tuck.

Lecidea granulosa (Ehrh.) Ach. = Trapeliopsis granulosa (Hoffm.) Lumbsch

Lecidea macrocarpa (DC. In Lam. & DC.) Steud. = Porpidia macrocarpa (DC.) Hertel & A. J. Schwab

Lecidea myriocarpoides Nyl. = L. plebeja Nyl.

Lecidea oligotropha J. R. Laundon = Placynthiella oligotropha (J. R. Laundon) Coppins & P. James

Lecidea scalaris (Ach.) Ach. = Hypocenomyce scalaris (Ach.) M. Choisy

Lecidea sylvicola Flotow = Micarea sylvicola (Flotow) Vĕzda & V. Wirth

Lecidea uliginosa (Schrader) Ach. = Placynthiella uliginosa (Schrader) Coppins & P. James

Lecidea varians Ach. = Pyrrhospora varians (Ach.) R. C. Harris

Lecidea vernalis (L.) Ach. = Biatora vernalis (L.) Fr., but some or all of the L.I. specimens may prove to be B. subduplex (Nyl.) Printzen and/or B. longispora (Degel.) ined.

Lecidea viridescens (Schrader in Gmel.) Ach. = Trapeliopsis viridescens (Schrader) Coppins & P. James

Lepraria zonata Brodo = L. neglecta (Nyl.) Erichsen

“Lepraria sp.” = L. lobificans Nyl. (Syn. L. finkii (B. de Lesd. In Hue) R. C. Harris)

Leptogium cyanescens (Ach.) Körber = L. cyanescens (Rabenh.) Körber

Melanaria macounii Lamb = Pertusaria macounii (Lamb) Dibben

Melanotheca cruenta (Mont.) Müll. Arg. = Pyrenula cruenta (Mont.) Vainio

Micarea prasina (Fr.) Körber = Micarea prasina Fr.

Ochrolechia parella (L.) A. Massal.: L.I. specimens = O. pseudopallescens Brodo

Ochrolechia rosella (Müll. Arg.) Vers. = O. trochophora (Vainio) Oshio

“Ochrolechia sp.” = O. africana Vainio

Opegrapha cinerea Chevall. = O. vulgata Ach.

Parmeliopsis aleurites (Ach.) Nyl. = Imshaugia aleurites (Ach.) S. F. Meyer

Parmeliopsis placorodia (Ach.) Nyl. = Imshaugia placorodia (Ach.) S. F. Meyer

Parmelia appalachensis Culb. = Punctelia appalachensis (Culb.) Krog

Parmelia arseneana Gyelnik = Xanthoparmelia novomexicana (Gyelnik) Hale, but L.I. material should be checked.

Parmelia aurulenta Tuck. = Myelochroa aurulenta (Tuck.) Elix & Hale

Parmelia bolliana Müll. Arg. = Punctelia bolliana (Müll. Arg.) Krog

Parmelia caperata (L.) Ach. = Flavoparmelia caperata (L.) Hale

Parmelia cetrarioides = Cetrelia cetrarioides (Duby) Culb. & C. Culb.

Parmelia conspersa (Ach.) Ach. = Xanthoparmelia conspersa (Ehrh. ex Ach.) Hale 

Parmelia dilatata Vainio = Parmotrema dilatatum (Vainio) Hale

Parmelia frondifera Merr. = Punctelia bolliana (Müll. Arg.) Krog

Parmelia galbina Ach. = Myelochroa galbina (Ach.) Elix & Hale

Parmelia hypotropa Nyl. = Parmotrema hypotropum (Nyl.) Hale

Parmelia livida Taylor = Hypotrachyna livida (Taylor) Hale

Parmelia michauxiana Zahlbr. = Parmotrema submarginale (Michx.) DePriest & B. Hale

Parmelia olivetorum Nyl. = Cetrelia olivetorum (Nyl.) Culb. & C. Culb.

Parmelia perforata (Wulf. In Jacq.) Ach. = Parmotrema perforatum (Jacq.) A. Massal.

Parmelia perlata (Hudson) Ach. = Parmotrema chinense (Osbeck) Hale & Ahti

Parmelia plittii Gyelnik = Xanthoparmelia plittii (Gyelnik) Hale

Parmelia reticulata Taylor = Rimelia reticulata (Taylor) Hale & Fletcher

Parmelia rudecta Ach. = Punctelia rudecta (Ach.) Krog

Parmelia saxatilis (L.) Ach.: some of the L.I. specimens = Parmelia squarrosa Hale

Parmelia stenophylla (Ach.) Heug. = Xanthoparmelia somloënsis (Gyelnik) Hale

Parmelia subaurifera Nyl. = Melanelia subaurifera (Nyl.) Essl.

Parmelia subrudecta Nyl. = Punctelia subrudecta (Nyl.) Krog, but L.I. specimens should be restudied.

Parmelia tasmanica Hooker = Xanthoparmelia tasmanica (Hook. f. & Taylor) Hale

Peltigera aphthosa (L.) Willd. var. variolosa = P. leucophlebia (Nyl.) Gyelnik

Peltigera canina (L.) Willd. var. rufescens (Weiss) Mudd = P. rufescens (Weiss) Humb.

Peltigera canina var. spuria (Ach.) Schaerer = probably P. didactyla (With.) J. R. Laundon (specimens should be checked)

Peltigera canina var. ulorrhiza (Flörke) Schaerer = possibly P. ponojensis Gyelnik (specimens should be checked)

Pertusaria alpina Hepp in Ahles = Pertusaria alpina Hepp ex Ahles

Pertusaria multipuncta (Turn.) Nyl.: all or most L.I. specimens = P. ophthalmiza (Nyl.) Nyl.

Pertusaria tuberculifera Nyl.: L.I. specimens = P. paratuberculifera Dibben

Phaeographis dendritica (Ach.) Müll. Arg.: Long Island specimens = P. inusta (Ach.) Müll. Arg.

Physcia orbicularis (Necker) Pötsch f. rubropulchra Degel. = Phaeophyscia rubropulchra (Degel.) Essl.

Physcia orbicularis (Necker) Pötsch “f. orbicularis”: in part, perhaps Phaeophyscia pusilloides (see additions below).

Physcia tribacoides “Nyl.” [auct.] = Physcia americana G. Merr.

Polyblastiopsis fallax (Nyl.) Fink =  Arthopyrenia analepta (Ach.) A. Massal.; Syn. A. fallax (Nyl.) Arnold

Polyblastiopsis fallaciosa (Stizenb.) Zahlbr. = Julella fallaciosa (Arnold) R. C. Harris

Polyblastiopsis quercicola Brodo = Julella fallaciosa (Arnold) R. C. Harris

Polyblastiopsis lactea (A. Massal.) Zahlbr. = Julella lactea (A. Massal.) M. E. Barr

Porina cestrensis (Tuck. in W. Darl.) Müll. Arg. = P. cestrensis (Tuck ex Michener) Müll. Arg.

Porina hibernica P. James & Swins.:  probably not that; L.I. specimens need to be reexamined.

Pseudevernia furfuracea (L.) Zopf: L.I. specimens = P. consocians (Vainio) Hale & Culb.

Pyrenula nitida (Weig.) Ach; specimens = P. pseudobufonia (Rehm) R. C. Harris

Ramalina fastigiata (Lilj.) Ach.: L.I. specimens = R. americana Hale

Rhizocarpon intermedium Degel. = R. eupetraeum (Nyl.) Arnold

Rhizocarpon obscuratum (Ach.) Mass. = R. reductum Th. Fr.

Rhizocarpon plicatile “(Leighton) A. L. Smith”:  L.I. specimens probably = R. rubescens Th. Fr.

Rinodina confragosa (Ach.) Körber: L.I. specimens = R. tephraspis (Tuck.) Herre [fide Sheard in litt, 2003]

Rinodina milliaria Tuck. = Amandinea milliaria (Tuck.) P. May & Sheard

Rinodina oreina (Ach.) A. Massal. = Dimelaena oreina (Ach.) Norman

Rinodina salina Degel. = R. gennarii Bagl.

Sarcogyne pruinosa auct. = S. regularis Körber
Sarcogyne simplex (Davies) Nyl. = Polysporina simplex (Davies) Vězda

Trypethelium virens Tuck. in W. Darl. = T. virens Tuck. ex Michener

Umbilicaria papulosa (Ach.) Nyl. = Lasallia papulosa (Ach.) Llano

“Usnea sp. [U. subfusca sensu Motyka]”: possibly = U. subscabrosa Mot.; needs checking. [see Harris, Florida Lichens]

Verrucaria microspora “Nyl.” [auct.] = V. halizoa Leighton

Xylographa abietina (Pers.) Zahlbr. = X. parallela (Ach. : Fr.) Behlen & Desberger


Published additions to the flora

Calicium parvum Tibell (Harris et. al. 1987)

Candelariella efflorescens R. C. Harris & Buck (Harris 1987)

Chaenotheca brunneola (Ach.) Müll. Arg. (Harris et. al. 1987)

Chaenothecopsis pusilla (Ach.) A. F. W. Schmidt (Harris 1987, sub Ch. subpusilla (Vainio) Tibell )

Chrysothrix candelaris (L.) J. R. Laundon (Harris et. al. 1987)

Cladonia chlorophaea (Flörke in Sommerf.) Sprengel s. str. (Harris 1987)

Conotrema urceolatum (Ach.) Tuck. (Harris 1987)

Endocarpon pusillum Hedw. (Harris 1987)

Evernia prunastri (L.) Ach. (Harris 1987)

Flavoparmelia baltimorensis (Gyelnik & Foriss) Hale (Harris 1987)

Parmotrema crinitum (Ach.) Choisy (Harris 1987)

Parmotrema hypoleucinum (Steiner) Hale (Harris 1987)

Phaeocalicium polyporaeum (Nyl.) Tibell (Harris et. al. 1987)

Phaeophyscia pusilloides (Zahlbr.) Essl. (Harris 1987)

Placynthiella oligotropha (J. R. Laundon) Coppins (Harris et. al. 1987)

Polysporina lapponica (Ach. ex Schaerer) Degel. (Harris 1987, sub Acarospora subfuscescens (Nyl.) H. Magn.)

Usnea ceratina Ach. (Harris 1987)

Usnea pensylvanica Motyka (Harris 1987, sub U. rubicunda Stirton; see Lendemer 2004, in press)




Corrections, Additions, and Changes  to Text

The drawing on the cover and title page is Cladonia (Cladina) submitis Evans, done by Brenda Carter Haas.

The entire Roy Latham lichen collection has been deposited at the New York State Museum (NYS) in Albany.

p. viii    after line 5. In line with “Distribution of…,” add: Floristic changes . . . . . 275

p. x      after line 3. Add 1b. Trees ranked in order of their bark moisture capacity . . 26

p. 18    Locality “44” to the right of locality 32 in south-central L.I. should be 41.

p. 29    line 7. For “…but there are…” read: but it is…

p. 43    Draw vertical arrow pointing downward between “Weeds sparse…” and “Grass becoming…”

p. 52    Legend to Table 5, line 3.  For “… as in Table 1” read: as in table 4.”

p. 77    line 29.  For “see table 7” read: see table 6.

p. 88    line 19.  Fort “i.e.,” read: e.g.

p. 107  line 3.  After (113), add: near Sag Harbor, oak woods; (114) Three Mile Harbor, young oak woods;  (115)

p. 113  Group I, couplet 3: for “obling,” read oblong.

            couplet 7: for “2 to 3 septate” read: 2 to 5 septate.

p. 127  Under CLADONIA, line 3: For “0.75 mm” read: 8 mm.

p. 153  Add “7.” before OPEGRAPHA Ach.

p. 157  line 5.  Change “P. rhaphidosprema” to P. rhaphidosperma.

p. 208  line 1.  For “35-42 µ” read: 36-45 µ.

p. 210  line 11. For “fumarprotocetraric acid present” read: fumarprotocetraric and salazinic acids present.

p. 222  4th line from bottom: For “10-20(-25) mm” read: 1.0-2.0(-2.5) mm.

p. 224  Main entry 176. For “Candelaria,” read: Candelariella.

p. 227  line 35. For “figure 27” read: figure 22.

p. 310  For “Hulten” read: Hultén.

p. 311  For “Kuchler” read: Küchler.

p. 312  For “Love” read: Löve.

Add: Magnusson 1935 (“1936”). On saxicolous species of the genus Lecidea   proper to North America.  Meddel. Göteb. Bot. Träd. 10: 1-52.

p. 313  For “Rasanen” read: Räsänen.


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