Kanchi N. Gandhi

Research Interests:

My interests are in the areas of plant nomenclature, plant morphology, and plant taxonomy. I am currently working on the International Plant Name Index, the HUH lookup tables, and Flora of North America project.

Associated Activities:

General Interests:

Vascular Plant Systematics, Plant Morphology, Plant Geography, Plant Nomenclature

Current Projects:

American Society of Plant Taxonomists (2010): Distinguished Service Award

Lectures, Tree Planting, and Guest of Honor Felicitation in India

During February--March 2014, Gandhi gave botany--related talks organized by: Dr. Paramjit Singh (Director) & Dr. P. Lakshminarasimhan (Scientist) (Central National Herbarium, Botanical Survey of India, Howrah); Prof. Amal Kumar Mondal (Vidyasagar University); Prof. Anita Mukherjee & Prof. Debabrata Maity (Calcutta University); Prof. M. Manivannan (Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai); Prof. Rajasab (Vice-Chancellor), Prof. Chandrakant S. Karigar (Dean), Prof. Y. N. Seetharam & Dr. M. Seenappa (Tumkur University); Prof. Rajendra Shinde (St. Xavier's College, Mumbai); Prof. S. Muralidhar & Prof. N. Usha Devi (Kolar Research Center, Karnataka); Prof. D. H. Tejavathi & Prof. Y. Thulajappa (Bangalore University-Botany Department); Prof. Mamiyil Sabu (Calicut University); and Prof. H. P. Puttaraju, Prof. S. Poornima, Prof. Y. N. Seetharam & Prof. Y. Thulajappa (Bangalore University-Biological Sciences).

At Tumkur University, Gandhi participated in a tree planting event organized by Prof. Chandrakant S. Karigar, Prof. Y. N. Seetharam, Prof. B. R. Shalini, Prof. K. L. Ravikala, and Prof. D. Poornima. Two cannonball (Couroupita guianensis) saplings, donated by Dr. B. K. Sadashiv Singh, were planted by Prof. Rajasab (Vice-Chancellor) and Gandhi.

Mrs. Anupama Jayasimha (Bharathanatyam program, The Indian Institute of World Culture, Bangalore) felicitated Gandhi as the Guest of Honor.

Course Director - Plant Nomenclature - January 11-13, 2013 - Kolkata, India

Selected Publications:


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  • 2012

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  • 2011

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  • Previous years

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